by Jamila Pierre

If you haven't gathered yet, I am quite fond of mixing it up. I am far too complex of a person to not express all my many facets and put them on display. I feel as though my creativity tries to break free of this shell of a body and existence. I can almost physically feel it coming to a head and needing to burst out of me. Not exploring those different sides of me only helps in stifling myself in ways I just can't get behind. So this is me, a mixed bag of artistic expression, a person who thrives and leans on juxtaposition as though it were life or death. 


I had a conversation (one of many) with a newly expanded upon friend(ship); we spoke of everything under the sun (those are my favorite types of relationships), and I explained how my mind works. After the explanation she called me a contrarian. Of all of the words I've heard and worked with throughout life.....this was the first I was hearing of this word. I asked her to elaborate. She explained it as a someone who MUST go against the grain. The dictionary explains it as a person opposing or rejecting popular opinion; going against current practice. That couldn't be more accurate.

This outfit was born from that. When Ashley Nell Tipton came out with the white studded floral print moto jacket (for JCPenny Boutique), I saw many  bloggers pair it with the pink lace dress that said designer also designed. It was an awesome pairing, logically sound....but...I wanted to do something different. I wanted to use this as an opportunity to concoct a print cocktail. 

The first jacket is a sheer bomber with the same coloring and print as the leather moto but it gives a slightly different vibe. I wanted to show a way to mix things up AND demonstrate how by merely changing the material and structure of a piece; it really does change  its already existing and beautiful vibration.

I threw on a studded belt with the bomber to break up the print of the dress and didn't with the moto because the leather jacket already had enough stud. The look with the bomber jacket gave me some 80's T's; with the inclusion of the heart-shaped glasses. When I took off the belt and the shades and replaced it all with the leather moto, I immediately and effortlessly gave femme with edge. The best part about it all...? I can give similar looks almost all year if I wanted; the first look obviously being Spring/ Summer and the second look being Fall/Winter. I'm not sue if that was Ms. Tipton's intention when it came to what pieces to include in the collection; ten gold stars for her if it was.

The dress is an oldie but a goody that I got from Wetseal when it still had an online presence. With the size of the print and the color palette next to the floral with its particular color scheme, these pieces were pretty much kismet. 

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Headband with bow from Forever21. $3.90
  2. Necklace from Forever21. $6
  3. Floral print moto jacket from Ashley Niltipton via $36.99 (On Sale)
  4. Floral print  bomber jacket from Ashley Niltipton via $24.99 (On sale)
  5. Dress from the late great $36.90 (On sale...wetseal no longer exists online)
  6. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  7. Belt was borrowed from a friend. $Free dollars free cents (similar HERE, and HERE)
  8. Booties from Mandee to the rescue. $15 (On sale and no longer avail., similar HERE)


by Jamila Pierre

Ways to keep my interest:
  1. PIZZA (Check)
  2. LEATHER (Check & Check)
  3. ZOMBIES (Checkity CHECK)

Let us address the dueling elephants in the room; my glorious pizza print top and my gore-ious zombie print footwear (see what I did there...?No..?). They both rock my socks (can't you tell? I'm not wearing any).

If you saw one of my recent hauls (locate HERE, or HERE), then you would have seen me go on about where I got this boss little number and how often I intend to wear it. It originally came in a coordinating pajama set but I didn't care about all of that, I had every intention of wearing it out in the world. I must admit, I never actually tried it on when I bought even though it is stretchy and fits my wonderfully rotund bod, it is a bit short.

By the time I decided I wanted to potentially exchange it for its plus size twin (because this was a straight size XL and shortly after I bought this it became available online in PLUS), I snoozed on the mutha sucka and lost, it disappeared off-line.

So there I was, stuck with a top that had a boss ass print that I could've gone up a size in (just ever so slightly)....

I'd be damned if I didn't make this BISH werk!

I could easily sit here and tell you a tale about how intentional it was for me to have an undershirt just peeking from the bottom...but nope...I won't, this is a real moment we're having right now.

The top comes down enough to cover the necessary bits but it isn't exactly what I had imagined or planed it to be, that's if I were to wear it on its own, unless I decided to wear it a few other ways (which I intend to do in the future). So I made the decision to rock it with an undershirt.....but which one......? I wanted it to be just as obnoxious and busy as the focal print without detracting from it, and then it hit me, NOIR! The perfect amount of minimal and busy with glint for days.

I also wanted to mix prints and textures all throughout the 'fit; black leatherette moto leggings with zips, black "leather' moto jacket lined with cotton ribbed lapels and side panels, a black on black cotton undershirt with shiny lettering, texture on texture on texture. As for print...? Well, I think that's pretty obvi isn't it?

I threw on this chartreuse infinity scarf I got for Christmas from my cousin, these awesome heart-shaped rainbow shades I borrowed from my home skillet Amy (of @_Betty.Black_ &, and my newest Zombie slip-on's.

These Slip-on zombie kicks (or ZOM-Bae, because these BISHES ARE BAE AF), are all of that and a whole damn chip factory. I just can't! The story behind them is too long to even get into but all in all my Main and I are twinning, and her hubby wants a pair too. It should be no secret by now how I feel about this brand, but this print is just....JUST! I have a deep love for Ironfist, a public affair with the Loose Tooth collection, and a serious infatuation with the Zombie Stomper collection as well. It only seemed right to pair them with this outfit, don't you think?

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Shades from my Main Betty Black. (Borrowed)
  2. Scarf from my cousin. (Gifted)
  3. Faux Leather Jacket from $40 (On Sale. Size down with this one, unless you have a large bust)
  4. Pizza top from Target. $21 (Sold out in Plus size on line, haven't seen it in PLUS in-store)
  5. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  6. Undershirt from $14.90
  7. Moto Leggings from Torrid, Rebel Wilson collection. $29 (On Sale, running low on sizes)
  8. Zombie Kicks from $18 (On Sale, can be found HERE & HERE, running low on sizes)
  9. Swagoo from my MAMA. $Priceless (LMAO, I kid, I kid, I don't take myself that seriously I swear)