by Jamila Pierre

Yes, I'm a self proclaimed Bad Bitch, but don't get it twisted....I'm Queenin' always, the two are not mutually exclusive. There's always talk of one verses the other and honestly I'm way too complex to be put in one solitary box. I am both a Bad Bitch and a Queen, A lover and a fighter, etc...

I've had so many moments of re-evaluation and self-reflection over the recent weeks, let alone the past few years, and I found that I often have to remind myself what I'm capable of and what I'm worth. It's not just one of those things where you can just say it once and never have to dip back into the self affirmation box ever again. 

But once I say it out loud it doesn't really take much convincing. when I think of all the things I've accomplished, pushed passed, pushed through, rose above, maintained my integrity, lived life on my terms (for the most part), I'm just could I deny my Bad Ass Queenery? And yes, I still struggle and have a consistent flow of existential issues....but I'll be damned if I let anyone take away how bomb AF I am, not even myself. 

It sucks, it's as if all we can do in society is compare and have a "me vs. you" mentality. Personally I couldn't give two shits how you're living...unless you're hurting me or someone I love...or being a general douche that needs to be checked, I just don't have time for it. Plus, I'm not into the idea of telling people that their either one way or the other, people are many different things in all of their contradictory glory, a special formula of varying percentages. 

I just hope that I can continue to push through to the next stage of my life in the manner of one of those savage AF montages/ walking through flames in slow motion while putting on shades and having buildings blow up behind me, with Nas' "You can hate me now" playing in the background....because bihhhh I'm lit.

And if this outfit doesn't fit the criterea...I don't know what does. Feel every piece of this flyness *Tony Baker voice*

I got this dress a few moons ago and they only have a size 14 left if I'm not mistaken, but the material is crazy stretchy. The jacket was on sale at Target which was a delightful win because I'd been peeping it for a long while and at $50 I wasn't about to cop it if it wasn't on sale. It was meant to be.

I know it's scortching degrees outside right now...but IDGAF Fashion over function is my motto most times (Inset meme of how my jacket is part of the look so I don't care how hot it is...I'm not taking it off).

The booties were from Mandee during a fall sale and I got two pair (one in a beige taupe, and these black pair) and it was seriously one of the best purchases. 

Together ISSA looks, ISSA Bad Bitch.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Bandanna from the 99 cent store. $1

  2. Necklace from Forever21. $6 (Sold out)

  3. Fuzzy Jacket from Target. $15 (On Sale)

  4. Dress from $10 (On Sale)

  5. Boots from Mandee. $15 (On Sale, similar HERE , & HERE)