Statement Sweaters.

by Jamila Pierre

Out of all of the seasons I think it's safe to say that Fall is definitely the best time of the year. To me it's a time to express yourself style-wise even more so than any other season. The sad part though, is the fact that it seems to last for just a few seconds in comparison to its horrible counterparts (Summer & Winter).

Before you can even enjoy Fall for all its glory, winter comes in like the ice cold heartless Bishhh that she is and shatters any attempt at looking cute. 

Thankfully though, the times of winter fashion has changed and we're seeing a lot more of our basic winter essential infused with a healthy dose of style. I for one am a huge fan of the fact that clothing stores are being so accommodating to the fact that I still want to look good during the "Frostbite" season. 

This season is typically about Function over Fashion so when I started to see more affordable and stylish sweaters hit the scene, I went H.A.M online and scooped up a bunch.

 I will be growing my collection of fabulosity and you will be seeing me in more statement sweaters throughout this season, because come on...who can can resist the opportunity to look good effortlessly during a season that doesn't entirely let you do that? 

Below are some of my favorite sweaters that I will be rocking religiously this upcoming season.

  1. Top Left: Merona Black/White Dot sweater from $29.99
  2. Top Right: Quirky Sequined Mustache Sweatshirt from Forever21. $24.80
  3. Bottom Left: At The Races Sweatshirt from Forever21. $19.80
  4. Bottom Right: Quirky Dinosaur Sweatshirt from Forever21. $22.80