by Jamila Pierre

Look, I don't care how old I get, if I want to dress like a baby in diapers...I will. I dress with my gut, and if it says today you're going to serve edgy velvety school girl realness...then that's what's gonna go down on today. 

Don't get me wrong my gut tells me to be classy & sassy, and a minimalist from time to time, but like I said if the gut isn't singing that hymn...then that's not what's being served.  

As for this look, I went school girl. It's always so funny to me how I'm drawn to collegiate or even the stereotypical borderline cartoon version of a school girl style, yet school and I had such a difficult'd think I didn't want to be a part of it in any way shape or form....

It wasn't until I became older and actually had to pay for my own schooling (not to mention the value of what I was studying for), that I started to appreciate what I was doing and it's importance. I had so much to lose so I made sure I lost nothing.



This lush little bad boy is so soft, lightweight, and flirty. I featured it in a Forever21 haul I did on my YouTube channel where I discussed how I acquired it, and that this lovely thing was free 99.

I'll admit, when I first got it home I didn't know how I wanted to pair it, you'd think it'd be simple enough right? I mean at the bare minimum it's a damn black skater skirt...right? But for some reason I just didn't get that tingly feeling I get when I know instantly what I want to do with something (it just didn't click), I knew I wanted it...I just didn't know what for.

Then it all became clear.

This skirt was the last one in the whole store (or at least that's what I am to presume after an hour of sifting through the sale section), and it was a 1X....which if you know by now...I'm typically a 3X in junior plus clothing. Thankfully there is a whole heck of a lot of stretch to it, and honestly the size on the tag doesn't typically steer me away from a garment, some of my favorito pieces that fit me the best have come from the straight sized line or just have a smaller sized label.  

I decided to hike it up, tuck in a printed top (because who wants a plain one *pppffff*), threw on my fast fave sneaker wedges with the spikes (because hello) put on my sweater/leather jacket hybrid (which I rock heavy in the cooler months), popped on my jewels...tell me you don't love the skull bracelets as much as I do...I'll wait....(I got them so many years ago but I'm sure you can google these bad boys), and lastly I borrowed my homies's fluffy leopard Jansport to seal the deal (because print, on print, on know how I do).

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Jacket from $19.90
  2. Top from $12.90
  3. Skirt from Forever21. $Free 99
  4. Shoes from Forever21. $10 (On Sale)
  5.  Necklace & bracelet from Wholesale District. $2-$5 (Bracelet can be found here but buy at discretion, it is off of eBay, if you do a simple search there will be other sellers as well.)
  6. Backpack from $50 (Borrowed from my main Bish)