by Jamila Pierre

A few weeks ago (and by weeks I mean months) I found myself frequenting the target mall on queens blvd, not really to shop for myself...more so to accompany my shopping peers. Upon one of my "shopping" trips I came across this striped top and (like many of my other style moments) it was love at first sight. It had the perfect sleeve length, the perfect type of stripes, and the entirety of its cut was just flattering for my body over all. Needless to say, this bad mamma jamma came home with me with the quickness, it's not every day you come across this level of lovely and perfection. 

Forever21 Spiked Jacket

I know you must be thinking to yourself, "Self, why is she so thrilled about what seems to be a basic striped top...?". All I can say is...it's the fact that it is basic yet not at the same damn time **cues Future's same damn time song** Yes it seems regular as hell but it's extremely well made and it really is all about the cut. Oh, and let's not forget that when you feel the material and match it to how much it costs...I deem it a win. 

Striped top plus size

I immediately knew I wanted to pair it with my "Super Mario" inspired faux leather jacket from Forever21, I liked the color combo of the dark navy and white stripes mixed with the rich wine. I also felt the undeniable urge to rock (yet again) my newest "life" pants (that were made by the Moto Gods), and (additionally) my "life" boots....cuz c'mon...

Let's just take a moment to appreciate this last image I included here, because though you can't enjoy the full plumpness of my booty (because I admittedly have what I like to refer to as a cube ass), you can however enjoy the color palette got dang it, and my awesome skull ring...and my absolute all time fave blue nail polish. BOOM!

Pacific Blue Nail Polish Hottopic

And this is me about to break into a happy dance because I have yet another  triple C's (Comfy, Casual, & Cute) ensemble that'll be a no brainer and a go to. I'm all about the comfort while still looking put together.

Moto Jeans Moto Jacket

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Necklace from Burlington Coat Factory. $15 (Gifted & pictured HERE
  2. Top from Target. $22
  3. Jacket from Forever21.com. $34.80
  4. Bracelet from Burlington coat Factory. $7
  5. Skull ring from Hottopic. $6
  6. Jeans from Target. $34 (Gifted & currently on Sale for $17.48 HERE)
  7. Boots from Charlotterusse.com. $15 (On Sale from $45)