Founder & Creator of (2013) 

Hello my name is Jamila Pierre; style blogger,  published photographer, style columnist, and all around creative based in New York City. is a blog geared towards a plus size and female demographic; though I do not believe in exclusions (all are welcome to draw inspiration from my blog or come and chit chat for a while). I also believe that the plus industry; still on its journey to creating a fashion industry tsunami (choice words), has definitely taken 2013 by storm and created enough waves to have made its presence known- so my blog isn't just about providing "plus size" women with style inspiration...or proving that size doesn't dictate said style, I'm more so trying to get people into being okay with uniquely being themselves. No gimmicks, no boundaries, just a cultivation of personal  self-expression. Here on this blog I will share my ideas and deepest thoughts with my readers. If I inspire, educate, or make just one person smile then I've accomplished my mission.  

I've spent 2+ years displaying original content, outfit ideas, and engaging with readers by telling stories behind my purchases. I've interviewed and featured artist, designers, brands, stylists, photographers, and all around creatives/entrepreneurs.

Feel free to peruse through my blog, click on every link, and see what Naughtcouture,com has to offer. From style tips, food for thought, my latest favorite tunes, style musings, my most recent artistic works, and all other things that move me; this blog is all encompassing. 

While working for Manik Mag as a contributing writer (later leading up to Manik's East Coast Fashion Editor) I contributed 25+ articles  in total based on incorporating style trends into everyday staples. My goal was to make fashion and plus size less exclusive and more inclusive while holding on to a sense of individuality, all without breaking the bank.

With that said, get your cup of coffee or whatever it is you want to get and prepare yourself to get caught up in my world.