Fashion Battles.

by Jamila Pierre

I'm proud to announce my collaboration with Manik mag, I'll be coming at you twice a month to give you some style insight on how to execute certain trends for a reasonable price. Let's face it, this concept isn't new, but I certainty feel as though the typical "Look For Less" can still use some work where price is involved. I remember seeing a segment on a talk show  where the guest speaker introduced the idea of "Looks For Less" where the original pieces were priced at $1,500 and the "Look for Less" was $400, this is still a bit intangible for most people and I remember thinking to myself... whose idea of less is this really geared toward? So I thought, why not have a "Look For Less'" that is actually trying to reduce the price significantly?  

Just because the price that they parade around is less than the original pricing, doesn't mean it addresses the price reduction people are looking for when it comes to a "Look For Less". 

So, I contacted Manik Mag and pitched the idea of representing those who are really price conscientious, and that who want to acquire these looks/ trends and not go flat broke doing so. 

Here are a few excerpts from my first article with Manik Magazine.

I am fully aware that there is much more than appearances that goes into a brand; there are fabric choices, the cut of the garment and the craftsmanship, there’s an overall artistry that is to be acknowledged, appreciated, and respected. However, it isn't exactly feasible to own all of these luxe garments and merchandise without going flat broke in the pursuit of trying to seem fashionable/ stylish. It just isn't entirely realistic."




"The culture (the society rather) that we are a part of, is so dead set on trying to make people feel “less than” for not owning high end merchandise. No, this isn't where the shaming begins or ends, but what you can afford and “who you’re wearing” has become a prerequisite to being deemed stylish, or to even measure up."


"Now this may be an indication that the buyers at these consignment shops aren’t skilled buyers, or it could mean that these individuals (just like a good percentage of society) spend more time Label watching, rather than Style watching."


To read the rest of the article, click on the link below,  and stay tuned for my segment called: Trending On A Budget. See you there!


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