by Jamila Pierre

As an Aries do you know what I hate, not being first. I hate when people beat me to the punch, I value individuality and unique concepts...unfortunately there is such a thing as great minds thinking alike.

In this case, it's the Cobalt blue trend. I have this thing with my friends where I call out a trend or something I'm currently obsessed with and within a matter of weeks it's damn near everywhere. I do it partially to see if I can call it, and partially to stick my flag in it, claiming it to be mine.

Call me crazy, call me a delusional brat, call me what you like....but being unique is one of the most important things I could ever do/be. 

In any event, I stuck my flag on this color and within a matter of a week, I was seeing this color everywhere.

Ok, ok, I know the past two minutes of reading this passage has made me look like an ass, but I just had to be honest about my feelings and it's origin.

Moving on!

I purchased this Cobalt Blue Moto Jacket last year if I'm not mistaken...or was it at the top of this year....? Well either way, upon seeing this jacket I nearly died with how good I thought it was.

It fed every part of my soul.

When I bought it I knew immediately that I wanted to pair it with black & white, which is precisely what I've done. Like red, a vibrant blue such as this one, steps the entire outfit up a couple notches. 

Look at me though, I'm rocking like 50 shades of trendy right now. I've got the leather trend, the black and white trend, the cobalt trend...

Whatever, I love it all and have no shame.



What I'm Wearing:

  1. A white and black grenade printed T-shirt  I made into a muscle Tee from $19.99
  2. Cobalt Blue Moto Jacket from $ 34.80
  3. Black Leatherette skirt that everyone and their mother now owns, from $22.80
  4. Black shoes with studded heels from Marshalls. $29.99
  5. Jewelry from the wholesale district. $2 - $5

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Gold Necklace from $10 (On sale for $5)
  2. Cobalt Blue Moto Jacket from $ 34.80???
  3. Blk & Wht top from Kellie Brown at the swap and shop. $15
  4. Leatherette Leggings from $22.80
  5. Black shoes with studded heels from Marshalls. $29.99
nudressformcrop2 small.jpg