Lovley In Lavender.

by Jamila Pierre

When I threw on this number a friend of mine was shocked to see me in, and I quote, "so much lavender". It took me by surprise because I happen to love this color very much and have worn this jacket before, so to hear her say that was just like a "where have you been and have we just met?". The color lavender in particular has a nostalgic effect on me bringing me back to a time when I was a mommies girl, wanting to be just like her even down to the her favorite color. And it isn't just the color, but the wonderfully powdery smell of the actual flower... it just brings me back to a time when I hadn't a worry in the world. Come spring time, I look forward to incorporating this color into my wardrobe and quite frankly you should too. If a lavender jacket is just too much for you then maybe you can leave the color to the smaller details of your outfit. This color suites everyone and makes whoever wears it look that much softer, which is just one more reason to be so in love with these pale muted hues this spring.

But of course I couldn't just throw on a soft girly color and call it a day, I had to throw in some harder pieces in order to truly call it my own. What's Jamila without a little edge. So when you go out there and get yourself some pieces in this color make sure that when you throw it on... it says you.

Zara Glitter Pumps
Plus Size Spring Trends
Embossed Skull Clutch

Here I'm wearing: 

  1. Black beanie that was handmade by a very talented friend of mine. (free) $0
  2. A lavender jacket from Rainbow circa many years ago. $10
  3. A lavender, grey, black, and white, leopard print tunic from Forever21. $15.80
  4. Black daisy earrings from H&M. $?.??
  5. Grey scarf from the wholesale district on 34th street. $5
  6. Grey jeans from Forever21. $22.80
  7. Jewelry from Buffalo Exchange, the wholesale district, and Burlington Coat Factory. $2.50- $10
  8. Spiked, skull embossed clutch from wholesale-dress.net. $8
  9. A pair of pewter glitter heels from ZARA. $50
Ankle Boots
Pleated Skirts
Rose Gold

Here I'm wearing: 

  1. A lavender jacket from Rainbow circa many years ago. $10
  2. A lavender, grey, black, and white, leopard print tunic from Forever21. $15.80
  3. A mauve, high-low, pleated skirt with an attached tan belt from Telco. $5
  4. Black tights from Onestopplus.com. $12
  5. A pair of black booties from Payless circa many years ago. $25.99
  6. Accessories from a store in Soho. $1- $5
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