How To: White Printed Pant

by Jamila Pierre

Okay, so I'm one of those people who loves light colored pant, namely white, and just could never see myself wearing them. I just felt that a person like me wearing a pair of white pants would mean:

  1. No longer white after one wash.
  2. Target for dirt and stains
  3. Shows every imperfection and cellulite bump. 

I have often admired a crisp clean pair of white jeans and wondered how the person who's wearing it does it.

Well I finally found my perfect pair that allows me to do it, and this is why: 

  1. It isn't exactly completely white.
  2. It has a pattern on them so that when you spill something on them, it's barely noticeable. *YAY for splatter print!
  3. The slight print isn't too over powering and isn't in a color that's too saturated, keeping it from being a light pair of pants. 
  4. The slight pattern conceals and distracts. *YAY to camouflaged cellulite!*  

Seeing as how a printed pant can border immature, now if that's something you don't mind then do you, I decided to elevate it a tad by adding a crisp white button down, a statement necklace, and a bag and heels that help the colors of the splatter shine through. I wanted the splatter to be visible but not be the focus of the look, which is why I went with such bright shoes and accessories. I can now take this outfit from work to date night without even having to change any of the pieces out.

Don't get me wrong, I don't always feel like classing it up and I've been known to veer on the immature side and just plain old not give an ISH about being elegant...but some times you're feeling special and want to show it. 


What I'm Wearing:

  1. White button down top from $17
  2. Watercolor splatter pants from $24.80
  3. Teal bag from $29.99
  4. Pink kitten heels from $39.99
  5. Jewelry from the wholesale district and Soho. $2.50-$5