Full Figured Fashion Week: What I actually wore and my experience.

by Jamila Pierre

When it came to FFFWeek I could only afford two events, which was the Blogger Panel and the Free Bloomingdale's Runway Show. There were so many events I wanted to go to in order to meet and possibly bond with some of these fantabulous ladies from the plus size community, but unfortunately it just wasn't feasible. 

I went to the Blogger Panel alone and I gotta say, it wasn't at all what I expected, I think I wanted more...does this make me a whiny brat...? I just wish I could've actually heard the speakers speak, and it was all due to the lack of mics. There were some other things I wasn't too much of a fan that took place, but hey what are you gonna do.

Then I rushed over to pick up Angelica Vanessa, because she was my date for the evening, and we made our way to the fashion show.  

Here I demonstrated my indecisiveness once again, as per my last post about what I may wear, and I decided to wear my thigh high illusion tights, leopard print cone heels, and my newest addition, the textured purse. 

When we got to the place the runway area was packed and hot, we ended up finally making our way to a corner behind a few ladies, while sweating our lives away.  

The show was supposed to start at 5:30pm and by 7Pm it still hadn't started...I was kind of over it, and I hobbled on my pain stricken feet over to the furniture section, and I sat down on one of the couch displays with my date...for the remainder of the evening.

We actually had more fun sitting and speaking with the random attendees who were equally as over it, not to mention it was boiling hot so almost everyone's fabulosity was beginning to melt away. I would say the experience of that day was a bust, but I did get a chance to meet some pretty amazing ladies and the idea of so many empowered women in one place was a sight to see, I did highly appreciate that. 

Over all I did have a blast with my friend, I did have fun meeting some of the ladies at the event, and I felt that I made a friend or two... so at least there's that...that was the positive note of the entire day.

Lastly, no matter what someone tells you, you do not have to pretend you liked something you didn't just to not seem difficult. In my opinion I'd prefer honesty rather than someone being fake in order to seem agreeable and "pleasant".

I enjoyed my night...but as for the events....ehhhhhhhhhh. 


What I Wore: 

  1. Black embossed paisley skater dress from Forever21.com. $22.80
  2. Black and Gold spiked belt from Joyce Leslie. $6
  3. Leopard cone heels from Forever21.com. $24.80
  4. Necklace from Charlotte Russe. $10
  5. Black sunnies from Soho. $5

What She Wore: 

  1. Rings from a variety of Wholesale stores and street fairs. $2-$5
  2. Gem stone Body suite from Joyce Leslie. $15
  3. Sheer Maxi skirt from Forever21.com. $0 (gifted) 
  4. Black Mary Janes from JCP.com. $70

The only images I could capture/had captured the remainder of the night. It was just too crowded and our sight lines were insanely obstructed.

nudressformcrop2 small.jpg