The Bomber

by Jamila Pierre

When I shop, whether in store or online, I am always on the look out for pieces that not many others will have or that not many would choose. Now i'm not saying people wouldn't choose the clothing I have, or that there's anything "new" about something as simple as a bomber jacket, a dress, a skirt, or otherwise. I am however saying that my choices have little to do with what others are doing, little to do with fitting a mold of what's trendy, little to do with the ordinary, and little to do with boring. I look for pieces that speak a language that only few understand, and I'm happy about it. 

Through the years I have found a way to be interesting and slightly understated, just eeeeeever so slightly understated. 

So when I went into the Rainbow in Midtown, I perused the isles fingering through everything, making calculations and recalculations. I never know what I'll find or what will strike my interest, but I do know the criteria: Interesting, fun, transitional (whether it be season, occasion, or "genre"), affordable, and most importantly it must speak my language.

When I saw this bomber I jumped inside for joy, the print  immediately caught my eye. When I saw the price and tried it on... I just knew it was a match made.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Tank top from $12
  2. Bomber from Rainbow. $19.99
  3. Pants from $24.80
  4. Gold Sneaker Wedges from $29.99
  5. Necklace from Danice. $5
  6. Swag, Priceless.