by Jamila Pierre

I switched it up on ya!

I decided to do a little something different with my hair this time around, don't get too use to it though.

When I first laid eyes on this peplum top, I immediately knew how I wanted to wear it. This is saying something because I usually buy things not having one single clue what I plan on pairing it with, so if that wasn't a sign to buy it...I don't know what was. 

When I see something online, I usually send links to my friends and rant and rave about them/obsess about them for days, weeks, even months. When I forwarded this particular top, some of my peoples didn't think much of it, but they couldn't tell me nothin'.

This top comes in black with white daisies too, but it wasn't as punchy as this bright yellow with it's contrast of white daisies, I couldn't help but drool over the unique floral choice  for this garment.

This is why I always advise to never sleep on the inexpensive stores, you can find the most awesome morsels of style in the most unexpected places, and for such affordable prices.

The top has a mesh back panel that can't be seen in the photo due to it being the same color as my black button-down, you seriously can't tell me this top isn't fire. 


I paired the top with a button-down, these cute pair of leggings that have a leatherette detail by the calves, some classic pumps, my big sunnies, and a red lip.

Let's also not forget the amazing $2 yellow nail polish that seriously rocked my socks.


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Sunnies from Soho. $5 (Talked down from $20)
  2. Button- down from Jcp.com. $17
  3. Peplum from Rainbow.com. $14.99
  4. Leggings from Forever21.com. $24.80
  5. Kitten heels from Forever21.com. $24.80
  6. Jewelry from the wholesale district & Burlington Coat Factory. $5-$7