Grenades & Roses.

by Jamila Pierre

If you asked who would want to add guns, grenades, spikes, studs, etc... to their outfit, I'd not only raise my hand...but I'd stand up and give you my best monologue describing how me and those things are simply kismet.  

And adding a touch of sass, class, and femininity to it....?YES!!!

The juxtaposition of a bed of roses with a grenade placed ever so gently in between them... call me crazy... but YES!!!


I don't usually wear light colored pants but I have been on a mission to incorporate them more often, and with these acid wash ones allow me to wear light colored jeans that have a slight edge. Acid wash is pretty edgy and makes me look pretty edgy...don't I look edgy? BWAHAHAHAHAH!!! Just kidding, I don't take myself that seriously. But honestly, an acid wash pair of jeans in any color add a touch of edgy interest that I guarantee will tickle the fancy of any alternative life-styled type of girl... *Clears throat*, ME.


I decided to keep my accessories simple yet still having that sparkle I just love so much.

This bracelet is serious, I first saw it's mother (the necklace) on the Forever21 website last year and put off buying it for so long that it was no longer in stock, neither was the bracelet.  Then I recently went into the Forever21 in the Queens Center Mall and found both the necklace and bracelet just hanging there in all it's glory. Obviously I bought it and am still considering getting two more, just in case it they run out and i never see it again.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Blazer from Torrid. $20 ( On sale from almost $50)
  2. T-shirt from $17
  3. Jeans from $20 (On sale now for $14)
  4. Heels from $24.80
  5. Bracelet from Forever21. $4.80