The Jam.

by Jamila Pierre

I've had a multitude of nicknames throughout life, i'm not sure if I want to divulge all of them but here are a few: Big Head, Jammy, Jamster, Jambalaya, and one of them was and still is, Jam. (And those are just to name a few) So when my best friend, Amy, saw this t-shirt  she found it to be perfect for me. 

It was such a cute and thoughtful birthday gift, I had to rep it in a blog post because I am the Jam.


Can we just pause a moment and be grateful for the people in our lives who bring out the best in us, the people who love us and have our backs? If you don't have someone like that in your life, someone also worthy of your all....get one. It's so painfully important and I am eternally grateful for my peoples. 

Ok, moving on.

I had recently placed an order at and I felt this shirt would go perfectly with it. I also decided to ad an extra touch with the knit jacket/cardigan and these embellished heels. 


This combination of acid wash and leopard print is a subtle yet not so subtle way of mixing prints, even though acid wash is technically...well..a wash.


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Necklace from Danice. $5
  2. T-shirt from lord knows where. $0 (Gifted)
  3. Jeans from $19 (Now on sale for $14)
  4. Heels from Marshall"s. $29.99
  5. Bracelet from Burlington Coat factory. $7