PLY Apparel: Spring/Summer 2015

by Jamila Pierre

So I decided to go to the PLY Apparel showcase in New York City last week and I brought my partner in crime/fellow Artista, Angelica Vanessa, and we took in some of the  designs from PLY Apparels new Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

But first there were Mimosas!

And then there were these amazing little cupcakes that had me going back for 80th's, strawberry & chocolate, and between the drinks and the treats I was pretty much set. Here I am signalling Deborah to hand over some more of those gourmet morsels, she happily obliged. 

Can we also take a moment to admire Deborah Metts' outfit, I need like ten of these, in a variety of colors, in my closet, stat!

And here's a small gallery of the decadence that was being passed arround.

....but I couldn't just be known as the girl who came for the treats, so I mingled, and really took in the garments that PLY Apparel had created, I have to admit that their pieces were impeccably made. Their color palette was modern and chic, coincidentally I was rocking those very same colors so that in-turn...makes me modern and chic. 

I chatted up Lamarr Nanton (one of the founders of PLY Apparel), he was so inviting and down to earth, as were his wife Pamela Nanton (Co founder of the brand), and Deborah Metts. 

Oh and look at who I caught looking at one of the gowns that's a part of their up coming Red Carpet collection? I can't wait to see the showcase for that,

The line is classic but the silhouettes are not exactly basic, the little unexpected touches make for a line that compliments the girl and/or woman, who wants to add a bit of spice to their everyday look.

.And for this collection, as in their others, they added their pink pieces, to which a portion of the proceeds are donated to help in the fight against breast cancer. If you're familiar with the brand then you already know about this, and you, like myself, find it to be incredibly awesome.

All in all I enjoyed myself, the setting was intimate, the treats were delectable, I met some pretty awesome people, my interest was peeked in the lines to come, and I was pretty stoked about my outfit...just saying....

Now take a moment to look at my impromptu cupcake and business card portrait, taken by none other than mi amiga, Angelica


What I was Wearing:

  1. Jacket from Strawberries. $19.99
  2. T-Shirt from Yellow Rat Bastard. $15
  3. Skirt, custom made by Erica Walcott of EWNY. (valued at $100)
  4. Belt from V.I.M. $7
  5. Necklace from Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  6. Sparkly flats that you cant see in any of these photos, from Joyce Leslie. $12