"Winterizng" Your Wardrobe.

by Jamila Pierre

Winterizing your wardrobe is easy, for me it's easy mostly because fall and winter encompasses my wardrobe aesthetic anyway. Though I'm not here for unbearable blistering cold weather conditions... I can't stand (equally if not more) the sun and the heat. 

I just wish that every day was Portland Oregon.

I like my days overcast and gloomy...to match my angst. 

No but seriously, it's like second nature to throw on a jacket or a blazer with my dresses and Tees. I don't do sleeveless, my favorite sleeve length is 3/4, and if I can layer it up I'm pretty happy. It's not about hiding as much as it is about dimension. When I buy dresses I very rarely have the intention of wearing it solo dolo; I'm thinking, jackets, blazers, vests, cardies, collard shirts, etc...

And as for accessories.... they're the grammar to my outfits. It's the comma, the semi colon,  the period, the exclamation mark, and/or even the question mark (the things that make you go Hmmmmm)...it's what gives the onlooker the appropriate cues in the story I'm telling. Now when it comes to that, sometimes I like cohesion (a fine tuned melody where everyone in the choir is in sync)...but most times I like for things to be loud, intrusive, unexpected, exciting, an exquisite build up to the illest  breakdown where everyone in the place (even the wallflowers) can't help but get on the dance floor and bust-a-move..

Winterizing your wardrobe/ wetseal dress

In this outfit I kept the accessories to a minimum (at least to my standard) and as cohesive as possible, I didn't want to distract from the awesome color and print of this dress. I tied in all of the black notes to this symphony by adding my black blazer with it's leatherette details, my black leggings, and my tall wide-calved boots. I wanted to be feminine while still having some hard edges, like a rose and her thorns. 

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Blazer from Strawberry. $19.99
  2. Necklace from Burlington Coat Factory. $14
  3. Dress from Wetseal.com $18 (On Sale)
  4. Belt from V.I.M. $7
  5. Bracelet from Fashion to Figure. $12
  6. Leggings from Rainbow. $10
  7. Boots from Avenue.com. $33.60 (On Sale)