by Jamila Pierre

"Sometimes all you have left to give to a situation is a side-eye" -Jamila Pierre

I'm finally doing a post about this most lovely and BOSS AF, hooded dress. I featured this dress, along with several other purchases, in one of my Forever21 hauls I did for my YouTube channel.

When I tell you I freaking love this damn thing....I really mean it. I didn't even wait until it got cooler out before wearing it; I wore this beast in the dead of heat and humidity  this summer...with jeans and boots (I cared NOT). 

I'm all about the details too, so something as small a completely functional "mini" side-zip, that allows you to convert from Chic to G...from Classy to Sassy....with just a flick of the wrist??? **Cues the song Flicka Da Wrist** YAAAASSSSS

So all in all I am here for this dress, and of course I paired it with another item I hauled in that same video, my beloved bat kicks.


Oh and let us please appreciate the size of the hood that actual comes over my big ass head and equally big hair. I mean.....if you're in the bizznazz of being cloaked, then babaaaaayyyyyy, this here is IT!


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Hooded dress from $27.90
  2. Lock Necklace from $6.90
  3. Feather long-sleeve from, circa many moons ago. $7
  4. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  5. Bat print spiked wedges from Forever21. $10 (Super Sale from $40)