by Jamila Pierre

Is anyone else horrible when it comes to timing and how it relates to the perfect time to wear something....? I mean, I feel as though I am ridiculous sometimes. I still have underwear that I haven't worn and is in its beautiful shape....that I've purchase over a decade ago....because it just isn't the right time to wear it (or the occasion just isn't just so). I sometimes buy things because of the future of an item, not necessarily with the present in mind. 

My friends think I'm crazy....maybe I am....but everythimng has its time to be absolutely perfect and meaningful in all its fabulous glory. 

It's interesting how I have the utmost patience for clothing and related such things, but my patience in life is obscenely short. I do, however, have an almost endless supply of tolerance....does that make sense to you?

I bring this all up to segue into the fact that I've owned this dress for eons....and am only now wearing it. I got it from Target (in-store, on sale),  it's probably nowhere to be found again, which doesn't really help my valued readers and supporter in that aspect...but I share these looks with you to give you inspirations of all kinds. 

Whether you can get this exact look or whether you can modify it or gain color palette inspo, at least I'm here to help in any way. 

Clothing has always been fun to me, I love the hunt, I love how expressive and creative I can be, and I have always and will continue to refuse to let my size dictate how MOTHER FUCKING FABULOUS I am, neither should you.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Hat was borrowed from a friend circa one million years ago....and never returned, it's mine now biiiiihhhhh.
  2. Sunnies from a store called Baby Blue. $6
  3. Jacket/bolero is from Target. $20 (On Sale, similar HERE)
  4. Necklace from the wholesale district. $
  5. Dress from Target. $17
  6. Boots from Avenue.com. $36