by Jamila Pierre

How unique are these babies? You already know I was all over them, like.....allllll over them.

When I first saw these pants about a year ago, in the straight size section at target, I was annoyed that they hadn't made a pair to fit all this jelly. Then, one day out the blue I saw a light shinning upon a rack filled with the same jeans I was lusting over. 

Here's a little back story so you can understand my routine at Target:

Myself and whoever I am shopping with end up going through all the isles and just filling up our carts with ALL of the things. As we get closer to ending our extravaganza and heading towards the register, we start to weed out what we're actually gonna get (we pull out calculators and all). This is the equivalent of adding things to your online cart and then curbing it down to a reasonable price point to items ratio. This is our tradition. 

With all the things I had in my shopping cart at the time....I was ready to leave it all behind just so I could get these ombre faded beauts. 

I tried them on and together we made magic. In that same shopping trip, I came across the grey version of my already existing black motto jacket. I remember thinking in my head that due to the side paneling....I could've totally sized down from a 3X to a 2X (or a XXL)....and I most certainly did with this grey jacket. I'm hype that it fit me because they only offer this color in the "straight" sizes.

So ladies and gents, this edgy (but not overtly edgy, as to give some limelight to the pantalones as well) jacket and unique coloring application on the jeans, gives you a match made in outfit heaven. STATEMENTS, STATEMENTS, STATEMENTS. 

AND, let's not forget these sparkly kicks from the Gods. I got them from Mandees (to the rescue) on sale for ten or fifteen buckaroos, but.....I miraculously found them on another site for your purchasing pleasure.


Lastly, you know when you start to like something, or you have an idea, or you just start to notice certain things....and how all of a sudden it's just everywhere? Well, I think there's an actual term for this "phenomenon", but after I purchased these pants, I started to see in them in various places (priced exponentially higher at that). I thought to myself....giiiiirrrrrlllllll......if they only knew they could get these at a better price, this is also what motivated this post.

Keep in mind that the prices of the jeans on these other sites may vary currently, as I took the screen shots some time ago, but it still excellently shows the price points and how you literally can get the same thing for a better price if you're either patient or do some digging. 

It's amazing to me how people justify the prices on things....miss me with it.

melissa ombre.JPG

Melissa McCarthy

  1. Jacket from Target. $23 (Super Sale)
  2. Top is from Tillys.com. (Eons ago)
  3. Jeans from Target.com. $34.99 (Got it 30% off)
  4. Kicks from Mandees. $15 (Can get them HERE)