by Jamila Pierre

I'll say this, I'm not really into heavily ripped jeans, it kinda urks me how far it's been taken, but there is something to be said about a slight distress that has patches of sequins peeking through. I'm ALWAYS here for that sparkle. Plus, I've said it time and time again, juxtaposition gets me riled up and excites me beyond measure. 


On the list of things that make me super excited: Rose gold, Mirrored shoes, all things glitter, mauve, blush tones, bombers, and ruffles. This is obviously not the only list of fetch things, but it'll do for now, and damn it if this outfit doesn't embody at least 90% of what I love so very much.


I've been pretty obsessed with the jeans, a white tee, and a bomb ass jacket look as of late; it's just so effortless and chic. My life has been a shitty day right after the next, full of pain, and shit tons of self pitty (just being one hunnet), so I need lewks that are no-brainers and make me look better than I feel. 


This blush pink, ruffled bomber alone makes me look like I have it together, and these flats? Honey these flats are absolute life! I'm currently looking for a pair of copper or rose gold mirrored combat boots, THAT would complete my life on other levels.


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Sunglasses from a strip mall. $7
  2. Ruffle bomber jacket from $25 (Originally $40 but is on sale right now)
  3. White Tee from $15 (On sale, originally came with a detachable corset piece) 
  4. Sequin distressed jeans from $25 (Originally $41 but is on sale right now)
  5. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory. $7 (On sale)
  6. Rose gold mirrored flats from Rainbow. $5 (On sale 2 for $10)