by Jamila Pierre

This dress was one of the items sent for review by CowCow and I chose it because of the phenomenal print, but the cut was something I wanted to test out because it isn't typically what one would deem the most "flattering" for my shape. Skater dresses are usually a fail safe and this reversible "skater" only has a slight flare; the flare also starts much lower than the standard skater but not low enough to be considered a drop waist. Needless to say I was intrigued. 

You might also be wondering why I chose this print, even why I felt it necessary to put a long sleeve under a jacket in the middle of summer. To be honest the first time I laid eyes on this print what came to mind was that song wild horses by "The Sundays", you know from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer soundtrack? That was an incredible album man, I truly miss those days and that kind of music. I added the long sleeve because I wanted so badly to have a peek of a rust color below the scrunch of the jacket sleeves.

So here we have it, a lightweight denim jacket with sweatshirt sleeves on top of a  dress that's on top of a rust colored long sleeve.....let's not forget the over the knee faux suede boots. Yep folks, that's me, fashion over function most all of the time. 


I know, I's hot out, even with fall looming around the corner (in the best way possible), it's still balmy AF. But I've said it once and I'll say it again; I'm that person who complains about the heat and refuses to let that change my outfit plans and/or allow me to peel pieces of my outfit away just to fulfill my comfort "needs". 

As for how the dress worked out; truthfully I'm not too keen on the cut but the print is so phenom and I am horrendous at returning things. I also have confidence in finding ways to make things work even when they kinda don't...but do.....but don't.

With this print being super on point and the color palette equally as poppin', the decision to pair it with this mixed medium jacket from "Forevers" (Forever21)... just came easy. 


Autumnal feels all the way.

I don't know about you but I am waiting impatiently for Fall to officially hit so I can delve deeper into my jacket collection. I HATE the summer and my denial is so "vivid and true in color" that I WILL in fact wear shit that is not in season because I said so, because I refuse to play this game with Summer.   


With the song wild horses on the brain, I was almost certain I would name this post "Wild horses", but  while editing all I had in heavy rotation was a long list of trap music...because though the other song was the original choice, and although alternative music is life, my heart bleeds all forms of Hip Hop/Trap again here we are.


"See the look on my face (woo!)
Like Carol City one state
N****$ hate on my sound
'Til I went the first round
Then I earnt the Lombardi
Ain't no fuckboys allowed..."


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Sunnies from Torrid. $15 (On sale)
  2. Necklace from AFAZE. (3 for $10 sale)
  3. Jacket from Forever21. $24.90 (Circa 21 million years ago, alternative HERE, HERE, & HERE)
  4. Long sleeve from $7 (On sale)
  5. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory. $7 (Alternative, HERE)
  6. Dress from CowCow via $16.99 (Sent for review)
  7. Boots from $30 (alternative HERE)