by Jamila Pierre

Whenever I was asked why I started a blog my mind would always go to the standard; "I want to inspire people to give less of a shit what others think, and to embrace all sides of themselves. I want them to understand that they are fly, I wanted to inspire them through my looks--on ways they could expand upon their own flyness." But as the years went on I dug deeper and realized that though my sentiments still remain in that field of thought, I also did this for all of the people who've been pigeonholed. 

As a person of color; who more often times than not, expressed themselves in an alternative fashion, I was often approached with a questioning of who I was and what "phase" I was going through. Because God forbid people of color possibly listen to any music other than hip hop and r&b, dress the way Ive dressed in the past, or the way Ive currently dress. I spent most of my youth between not giving a solitary fuck and giving just enough of a fuck to take time out of my day to explain how complex of an individual I was. 

Growing up in the L.E.S opened those doors and kept them wide open. I've met so many people of all ages, sexes, cultural backgrounds, and races; proving time and time again that a person isn't shackled to one archetype. I was truly free to be me and that "ME" can change from moment to moment, gaahhh damn anyone who'd infringe upon that freedom.

Sooooo what defines the culture of a person of color (or in my case more afro-latina)? The answer is ALL things. I am Omni, I am Alpha, Beta, AND Omega. I'm a little bit country and a little bit rock'n roll. I'm the perfect marriage of hip hop and death metal.  I do this for the culture.

I AM the culture.

Needless to say (though I've said a heck of a lot), it's important that I give a voice to the person who skates on the outside of all stereotypes. I hope I inspire people to think outside of the box, break free of the box, and respectfully recycle that box properly....because you know.....mother earth and all. 

Today I give you the metal side of me. I'm rocking this awesome plaid button down adorned with the most amazing pyramid studs, I got it in the same order I got the plaid with the spinal cord on the back of it. I paired it with this equally awesome tank from Ironfist clothing, my most fave print literally of all time, and because honestly there could never be enough skulls as far as I'm concerned. Also, hi my name is Jamila, if you're new here....skull print is pretty much a neutral round these parts. Lastly, I paired it all with these "too cool for school"-- strappy leggings, I've prayed to the plus size gods to make to contain all this jelly....and here we are.

What Am I Wearing:

  1. Button down from $31.92
  2. Bracelet fro Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  3. Necklace from AFAZE. 2 for $10
  4. Tank top from Ironfistclothing via $16.99 (Same print different cut, HERE. Alternative HERE)
  5. Leggings from $24.90
  6. Boots from Mandees. $15 (On Sale, no longer avail. similar HERE)