by Jamila Pierre

Would you like to hear some old ass, stale ass news?

Can you take a wild guess who relapsed yet again this week let alone these last few weeks? You guessed it, ya girl! Fair warning, I’m about to endure some of the toughest few months ahead…so that means even less interaction with all my lovely supporters and readers, and even less content across the board **Super Saiyan Side-Eye**

But in other news, Happy Halloween y’all, and to those who don’t celebrate it in any capacity…HAPPY HUMP DAY…or Happy Throwback Thursday (Whichever day you’re seeing this post from when it’s actually posted)!!!

Since the last post here on the blog a heap of life-changing events have transpired and shit’s about ta get really real **Crosses fingers for a little mercy from the universe**

IMG_8365 copy.jpg

Truth moment: I shot this look months ago and just knew I wanted/had to post it for the Halloween season; although this is legit my steez 365, and mind you I don’t even celebrate the holiday myself really.

I usually prep for posts waaaaaay in advance due to conflicts in schedules AND because I’m dying most of the damn time. But all that aside, isn’t this lewk spot on for this time of year?


I came into this dress last year believe it or not, and it was on crazy sale which lead me to pounce on the purchase immediately. Some of y’all wonder how I always manage to get my pieces on the cheap….the truth is, I stalk sites like it’s going out of style. I have built Intel and file cabinets in my mind on many of the brands I shop regularly and without even utilizing a method most popularly used (email), I still manage to find the right things at the right time.

I also have a knack for sensing when to pull the trigger on the majority of my finds. I have homegirls who are baffled at the prices I find things for and I genuinely feel every bit of myself and get a rush when I score in such a way. If you’re looking for a sale, a way to be boujee on a budget, stay in the loop on the blog and my socials…or just hit me up and ask me, I’m always down to chop it up and share the wealth.

I paid fractions of the original price on this dress and did so from the original seller (Iron Fist Clothing).

Pro Tip: There are retailers that provide access to several brands on their sites (i.e, ASOS, Sourpussclothing, Attitudeclothing, etc…), but sometimes you can visit the site of the specific brand and they’ll be holding a sale that you would’ve known nothing about because you were unaware these retailers were essentially just hosts for these brands.

Copy and paste the name of the garment and plug it into google and potentially find it for even cheaper…you never know. I search far and wide, high and low for everything in my closet, and with a bit of effort…my wardrobe is something I am incredibly proud of and have built it up without going dead broke (cuz ya girl ain’t sponsored hunnnnay….not yet at least), you have to get creative in dis bitch.


I didn’t hesitate to pair the dress with this navy blue shag number that I acquired over a year ago as well, I know…I know, you’re probably wondering by now “GIRL, are we gonna be able to get the look at this point?”, the answer iiiiiissss….not exactly. BUT, don’t fret, ya girl came through with a few alternatives that will at least give you somewhat of a similar vibe and an option to request that a few retailers bring this dress back at the very least; check the links below.


When I saw the completed look I immediately thought I looked like an edgier version of the big blue monster from Monsters Inc. I think I nailed it, don’t you?

What I’m Wearing:

  1. Sunnies from Claire's. $14 (Was too much if you ask me, better deal HERE)

  2. Necklace from forever21. $6.90 (from ages ago)

  3. Jacket from Target. $15 (On sale from a while back, no longer avail. alternative HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE)

  4. Dress from $25 (On a crazy discount, no longer avail. Similar vibe HERE and HERE, here’s a rando retailer HERE, be put on a wish-list HERE and HERE)

  5. Sneakers from Mandee to the rescue. $15 (On sale, no longer avail. Alternative HERE, HERE, and HERE)