by Jamila Pierre

I thought I'd give you some Island of Dr. Moreau realness in this post, just a hybrid of beautiful and amazing creatures. 

I got this cute little headband for liiiiike less than five bucks in this rose gold and in black, #winning. I thought it suit the look over all and added just the right amount of whimsy and shimma shimma.

Now let's discuss this here dress. 

I am in absolute LOVE with it! I first saw it when Glitterandblazers on Instagram hauled it in a YouTube video. I paused the video and immediately went to and gotz ta searching for it. was completely sold out, a few weeks later I heard the call of the dress and thought I'd give the search one more go. Amazingly, the dress was there in-stock again in every size, in all its animal print know I bought that bitch right?

It has everything you could look for in a dress without pockets; pizzazz (some ZAZAZOO), comfortability, special details (like the slight eyelash lace and the squiggle stitch), and a remarkable ability to make you feel like the baddest with little to no effort.

Straight Bodak Yellow Feels.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Headband from Rainbow. $2-$4 (Something cute that'll go with the other alternatives below, HERE)
  2. Necklace from Forever21. $6
  3. Suedette moto jacket from $20 (On Sale, similar HERE that best matches the alternate color of the dress)
  4. Dress from $40 (On Sale, similar HERE in a different color...but don't buy em' all up because I want one in this color too, LOL)
  5. Bracelet from the wholesale district. $5
  6. Boots from $30 (On Sale)