Equestrian Realness.

by Jamila Pierre

EHHUUURRRMM....*Clears throat**

Can we take several more moments for this ridiculously marvelous jacket? I mean.....

I plan to wear it till the wheels come off, all through the spring and fall of this year. If you hadn't noticed already....this is the oxblood version of the recent post featuring the black one, equally as bad ass. 

I had no idea, as I put this outfit together, that I'd end up looking as though I was a super rad horse rider.....

It couldn't be clearer how I feel about this here jackt (mostly if you read my #NoParking post)


I felt it nessessary to throw on these gold metalic jeans from Fashion to figure, a pair of mt wine colored otk boots, and to rock the bag my main bish bought me for Christmas. I also paired it with this sharkbite longsleeve from Walmart.com and cuffed the jacket sleeves into the sleeves of the shirt....it's a look.

Needless to say, this jacket was the best snag of 2016 and I couldn't be happier or more stoked to play this son of a bish out.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. This BOMB AF leatherette jacket is from GSLovesme.com. $38 (On sale)
  2. Sunnies from  Torrid. $15
  3. Head scarf from who knows where and for lord knows how much...but it was inexpensive.
  4. Top is from Walmart.com $7
  5. Gold sparkly jeans from FashionToFigure $ (50% off sale)
  6. Bag from Macy's Backstage. $30 (Christmas gift)
  7. Boots from Avenue.com. $30 (On super sale. Similar and in my opinion much cuter, HERE)


Shimmer, Shimmer.

by Jamila Pierre

In light of the holidays I wanted to put together an outfit that had a little shimmer to it, however, I  wanted it to be known that if there were any "Santa's list" that I was gonna be on this year....it was definitely gonna be the naughty one. So I threw on my spiked faux leather jacket from Forever21, a pair of tights (BECAUSE IT'S COLD GOT DANG IT), and my copper/brown hidden-stud boots. During the photo sesh of my latest post, I ripped my tights because i was being extremely rough and careless.

Between my finger jamming a hole through the leg and me crossing my legs like I don't have buckles on my boots; which then caused another hole to tear into my tights.......I just had it....I was fed up and was two seconds from going bare legged in the cold in this outfit (It didn't help that I was slightly inebriated due to the Irish cream liquor I drank in a failed attempt to keep warm, this just made me even more prone to agitation).

But this is why you have friends, they can see things you can't see because you're too busy being crazy.

As I rolled my poor forsaken tights down my thighs and I let them rest at my knees for a moment so I could continue my tangent about my "tight woes", she informed me it would be so cute if the tights were actually knee/thigh-highs...and that I should cut them.....BRILLIANT!!!!!!!


After I cut the hell out of these tights we ventured into the cold, I died a thousand deaths because it was literally freezing and the Molly's Irish Cream I drank did nothing to keep me warm....but it did compel me to further expose my thickems.... how else were you going to see the thigh-high masterpiece...?

Overall I'm in-lust with the combination of deep berry colors and metallics of all kinds, and I'm thankful for friends who can see clearly what I would do for myself when I'm busy acting like a lunatic and are able to bring me back down to earth. 

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Necklace from Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  2. Jacket from Forever21.com. $34.80
  3. Dress from Forever21.com. $11.80 (on sale)
  4. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  5. Tights from Onestopplus.com. $12
  6. Boots from Charlotterusse.com. $15 (on sale from $42)