B Hawk Snipes: The Stylist

by Jamila Pierre

So I met the stylist B Hawk Snipes, who goes by the name B Hawk, and let me tell you it was kismet. He was sitting amongst a group of equally fly individuals and I just knew they had to be photographed.   

During our initial five minute photo session, I got the chance to chit chat a bit with each one of them and discovered that they were all an amazing group of creatives that I was just itching to feature on my Blog.


We met at Canal street for our one on one photo shoot and the vibe was all the way awesome. He was sweet, funny, full of life, and had a positive energy about him.

Let's not forget to mention that he was and is absolutely stunning. 

Below are the shots I took of B Hawk (Stylist)  and a him chiming in on who B Hawk is.


"My name is B Hawk Snipes. I'm a stylist, model, actor and entertainer...I'm just a overall creative artist. Being able to showcase the world the gifts I was given is so much fun. People always tell me I should focus on one thing in my career but that's like having four kids and picking out my favorite child...I love them all and I can't. Growing up in a tough neighborhood in the Bronx and going to a Performing Arts High School in NYC made me who I am today. It taught me to never give up and keep pushing forward towards bigger things. So many people have inspired me in my life, but in the fashion world it's been stylist Ty Hunter. Growing up I've watched him style all the lovely ladies of Destiny's Child and he was someone that actually looked like me. I'm glad to now call him a "brother in my head". I know for a fact I've inspired people and would love to just keep doing that. Having the power of change and opening people's eyes for the better...would be my mark."

-B Hawk Snipes

It wasn't all serious fierceness. .. we did manage to bust a move due to a gentleman who decided to blast his music where we were shooting. B Hawk started dancing, and I only felt it appropriate to twerk while crouched down taking this photo right here.


What he wore: 

       1. Black Head Scarf : H&M $10
      2. Earrings: Surface 2 Air
      3. Necklaces : Vintage Piece from Buffalo Exchange
      4. Top: Silk Grey Blouse (No Label) $28 from Buffalo Exchange
      5. Rings : Indian Rings from West Village Jewelry Shop
      6. Bracelets : Mix of Prada and Sergio & James (www.sergiojames.com)
      7. Pants: Cheap Monday $14 at Buffalo Exchange
     8. Boots: Army Boots. $48 at Buffalo Exchange.