Pisces: The Feet

by Jamila Pierre

February 20th - March 20th.



Symbol: The Fish

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Neptune -- the planet of fantasy

Body Part: Feet

Secret Wish: To find unconditional love


'Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. A part of you is always trying to "swim away" or escape reality. The other part is so intuitive that you get swept up in everything going on."

                              - Astro Twins - 

'Pisces are known to be very mysterious and elusive. They like to keep their friends and loved ones guessing about their next move.'

                         - Astrology Scope - 


Image from Google.

Image from Google.


"It’s very common to see a Pisces woman dress in pastel colors. They love Sea green, lavender, pink, and pastel blues. They are romantics and their clothes show it. They like to wear soft, delicate, feminine styles. When you think of Pisces fashion, think romantic and lovely. They wear clothes that are sexy but sophisticated. They love whimsical clothing and flirty pieces. When you think of a Pisces fashion/style, think of flowers, hearts, and stars and lots of color. They love girly and flirty clothing that has major sex and sass appeal. No matter the season, you can spot Pisces women in sea-green or pastel colored dresses."
                                                             - Astrology Scope -


When I think of Pisces, I think of the most whimsical fairy tale, being swept away in romance. Or spending entire afternoons laying in a field of the most beautiful, colorful, and fragrant flowers. There is no sign more delicate and sensitive, but also willing to chop you down where you stand if you threaten the existence they've dreamed up for themselves.

What I'm Wearing: 

  1. Black tank top from Forever21.com. $10.80
  2. Necklace from The Wholesale District. $5
  3. Floral jacket/dress from Forever21.com $24.80
  4. Black tights from Onestopplus.com. $12
  5. Hot pink kitten heels from Ninewest.com. $29.99


nudressformcrop2 small.jpg