Aquarius: The Legs

by Jamila Pierre

January 20th - February 19th. 

Symbol: The Water Bearer

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Uranus -- Planet of originality

Body Part: Ankles

Secret Wish: To experience total freedom


"Although you may look like the boy/girl next door, you love to be around unusual people and ideas. You know how to step back and find the perfect solution to any problem. And you can make friends with almost anyone! Aquarius rules surprises and originality, and you love to shock people. Just when they think they've got you figured out, you change the game."  

- Astro Twins - 


Image from Goggle. 

Image from Goggle. 



"Aquarians are normally trend-setters. They are always the first to sport a new style and not afraid to break any fashion rules. (Yes, they wear white after Labor Day and don’t care). Their fashion sense is ever-changing. They love light colors, but are not afraid to wear dark and bold colors with the right outfit. 

They can change their look from bohemian chic to sophisticated and sassy in the blink of an eye. It’s very difficult to get a true sense of the Aquarius fashion style. She is so eccentric and ever-changing. One minute she will be rocking floral prints and the next she will rock out in a nice bold sexy dress. Aquarians love animal prints like the Leo, however, Aquarians are a little more subtle. You can usually spot an Aquarian wearing a tank or tee with a simple zebra stripe, or leopard prints. However, their animal print fabrics come with a twist."

- Astrology Scope- 


Aquarius 2.jpg

When I think of Aquarius I think of light airy fabric and color palettes, pops of color and prints to excite the onlooker. I also think of solid and composed styling, much like their personalities.  


What I'm Wearing: 

  1. White under-lying tank top from $12
  2. Iridescent, cream, leopard print tank top from $10.80
  3. Mint cardigan from $12.99
  4. Olive green capri pants from $22.99
  5. Hot pink kitten heels from $29.99
nudressformcrop2 small.jpg