Chambray, Shaken not Stirred.

by Jamila Pierre

For the past few months I have been pretty damn ill. The symptoms I was and still am experiencing, matched that of a an ailment called Spontaneous Intercranial Hypotension, spot on. It had me out of commission for two months and the experience has made me appreciate the little things just a little bit more, being in that much pain, to which I would never wish upon anyone, will do that to you.

It's amazing all of the things we take advantage of as a "normal" functioning human being.  The smallest of tasks like using the bathroom, eating food, or even adjusting your position in bed....were the hardest and most painful thing/s I had ever experienced. 

The thing that killed me was my inability to do some of the things I loved most, like wear things from what I deem a fabulous wardrobe, tend to my blog, not being able to partake in my photography, being intimate with my husband, etc...)

I was, aside from the occasional doctor visits, a prisoner of my sofa and bed. 

So, at the first sign of relief, how ever small the relief may have been, I jumped on that Mutha Sucka and took my ass outside to enjoy a moment as small as the sun kissing my face. 

This is what I wore on my outing, my husband kept hitting on me while we ran errand and it was the closest I felt to "normal" in such a long time. 



What I wore: 

  1. Black Beanie. $0 (Gifted)
  2. Sunnies from Old Navy. $13
  3. Ikat printed Chambray top from $20
  4. Pants from $22.80
  5. Boots from $42.80
  6. Denim Clutch from Mandee to the rescue. $24
nudressformcrop2 small.jpg