Lower Eastside Cruising.

by Jamila Pierre

I set out today on a mission, CAPTURE SOME STREET STYLE, and let me tell you I almost came up empty handed. Usually it's not this dry, more people act like they know that today's the day they get accosted to be documented in their fabulosity for some bloggers blog....I do not know what happened today, but it seemed as though those folk were nowhere to be found.

And then it happened, after sheer disappointment I began to spot some people who I deemed worthy of a blog post.  (Check out my "Featured Style" page to see what it is I speak of).

Now I know not everyone in that blog post is donning an outfit that bleeds extravagance, but that's what I was going for. I wanted to demonstrate how having style isn't always about bells and whistles. Sometimes it's a standout fashion show, and other times it's as simple as a plain white Tee, black leggings and an ornate piece of jewelry and/or shoes.

The outfit I'm wearing below is my idea of casual. This is an everyday type of outfit for me and you may have seen/ or will see me wear a variation of this very outfit because honestly it's my go to. If I want to demonstrate my style without too many bells, then this right here my friends is my outfit of the year.

Skulls And Army Jacket
Plus Size Lower East Side Style
Studs Skulls Spikes Bookbag

Here I'm Wearing:

  1. A skill printed dress from Yesstyle.com. $20
  2. A camouflage jacket.$0 (Gifted)
  3. Black leggings from Rainbow. $6.99
  4. Tan tall boots from Forever21. $26
  5. Spiked skull embossed book bag from wholesale-dress.net. $??
  6. Assorted jewelry from a boutique in Soho and the Burlington Coat Factory. $2.50-$7
nudressformcrop2 small.jpg