Rocking That Floral.

by Jamila Pierre

I absolutely love floral and feel like it's a print that I have no qualms about wearing all year around. I love floral print shoes, bags, accessories, and articles of clothing... I I JUST LOVE IT ALL! 

Floral can also be a bit tricky for me because though I love it I still think floral can be done soooo wrong. This does not mean that my opinion between floral done right or wrong is the be all and end all, you just won't see me caught out there with it. Everyone has their personal preference when it comes to this print of course,some like it on a small scale and some on a large scale. Depending on the show I'm putting on for the public and how I want to be received, is what will depict what style of floral I choose to wear and how I wear it.

Zara Glitter Pumps
Accessories Glitter Skulls Studs

Don't Let my giving you fierce face fool you, it was ridiculously cold out there when I shot this. The wind felt like a million knives to my soul every time it blew and my friend just so happened to capture me in the middle of my soul being stabbed by nature...I had to include it in this post. 

Cold Weather

And last but not least I had to include a shot of me busting a move in the cold because it was my way of telling nature where she could stick it, because I wasn't going to let her hold me down.  

Plus Size Style And Dance

Here I'm wearing: 

  1. A floral chiffon cardigan/shawl that I purchased from Forever21. $22.80
  2. A green somewhat shift dress I purchased from $24
  3. Black tights from $12
  4. Spiked, skull embossed clutch from $8
  5. A pair of pewter glitter shoes I purchased from ZARA. $50
  6. Jewelry from the wholesale district. $2.50- $7
nudressformcrop2 small.jpg