How To Printed Pants: Abstract

by Jamila Pierre in , , , ,

The concept of a printed pant, more times than not, seems like just a little too much for people to handle. Most of the time if we find ourselves admiring printed pants, it's usually on someone else or on the racks in the store. 

I personally love a printed pant and with the prints that have been coming out in my size these days, I couldn't be anymore pleased to don a pair. 

This would definitely be in my work-wear arsenal if I were in a creative office position, YES! 

And the HEELS....let's get into these daggone heels. These are some of the most comfortable heels I have ever put on my feet. The height, style, color, construction, and material is/are sheer perfection. With the exception that I should have followed my first instinct and purchased a half size up, which I suggest to all my fellow wide footed gals out there, these shoes are the knees of the bees.


Ok, so you will and have to eventually get use to me posting ridiculous candids from time to time of my tomfoolery.  


What I wore: 

  1. Jewelry from the wholesale district. $2-7
  2. Black blazer from Torrid. $54.50 (Gifted)
  3. Black South West tank top from $10.80
  4. Abstract pants from $ 24.80
  5. Hot Pink suede Izabela shoes from $39.99
nudressformcrop2 small.jpg