How To: Mixing Prints

by Jamila Pierre

As you'll also begin to notice that I am in love with blazers, work-wear, and twisting work- wear into something fun and sometimes unexpected.

Here I decided to play with the mixture of textures and prints. I have seen so many mixtures of prints these days, but I have yet to see polka dot and snake print.  

I know you may cringe at the idea but trust where there is a will there is a way.  

There are some guidelines to mixing prints successfully, as per 

  1. Make sure one color repeats in every piece of the outfit (for example, navy paisley with navy, red, and white plaid).                              
  2. Combine loose prints with structured prints (like swirls with stripes).                              
  3. Blend small designs with larger-scale ones (such as gingham with bold flowers).                              

I mean at first you see this list and it's hard to imagine, then when you see it on you immediately can see why and how it makes sense, let's see some examples:

Image provided by:

Image provided by:

And though I'm not opposed to getting crazy with it, I am aware that people are scared of this trend and may want a more subtle but equally as daring way to wear it.

In my opinion this is the best way to achieve a slightly more subtle mix:  

  1. Pick a print that has one color to it (for example,the dots are one color, white, and the snake print is in one color, black) .
  2. Choose  garments with base colors  that compliment each other without the print (for example. the blazer is navy and the pants are dark charcoal grey). 

I also decided to ad pops of color, tones, shades and texture to this ensemble, from  the shoes to the button down shirt and the necklace, no matter how bold or conservative you may be, there is interest all throughout this outfit that can appeal to all style types.


What I'm Wearing: 

  1. Jewelry from the wholesale district. $2-7
  2. Blazer from $29.99
  3. White button down shirt from $17.99
  4. Snake print pants from Target. $19.99
  5. Nine West pink suede shoes from $39.99
nudressformcrop2 small.jpg