Grey & Day Glow.

by Jamila Pierre

Am I the only one who finds grey mixed with a day glow neon yellowish green, incredibly chic?

Thanks to one of my home skillets, who bought me a most tubular sweater/blouse, I was able to put together and effortless sheath of dopeness.

Also, I found one of the most perfectly obnoxious blazers to add to my collection of my other slightly less obnoxious but obnoxious none the less blazers. I found it at the Torrid around where I live and It also happens to be the Torrid that Ivynightmarebaby works at, she's fabulous by the way, and on this particular day Torrid was having a sale extravaganza where this blazer (along with another blazer that will be feature soon) was only $20...marked down from almost $ heard me correctly.

And so when I tried it on, it was pure magika and I knew that this loud ass piece was coming home with me.

I kept most everything understated so that the blazer could really shine, not that it needed much help, and Viola!


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Necklace from the wholesale district.  $4.50
  2. Top was gifted. ($0)
  3. Day Glow blazer from Torrid. $20
  4. Most favorite jeans of all time. $22.80
  5. Boots from $33.60