by Jamila Pierre

Ok Ok, so i'm late with this whole neon thing.

But to me being late with fashion and trends, is right on time for me. I like to do things when most people have moved on from the overwhelming obsession and subsequent murder of a trend. The end of a trend if it's rebirth of style for me.

And when it comes to mixing prints......? I'm on that!

So remember the post where I explained the super sale Torrid was having? This was the second blazer I purchase, it too was only $20. CAN ANYONE SAY SEXELLENT?!?!?!?!?

I paired it with an equally as bright skater dress that I purchased during Forever21's Black Friday Sale-a-palooza.

The Blazer Has a floral & slightly embossed print on it, and the dress is made of exactly the same material but has some type of basket weave/ french frie print on it (also embossed).

I paired it with jewelry that matched it's robust color palette and called it a day.


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Necklace from the wholesale district. $12
  2. Rings from varying street venders in Soho and street fairs.$2-$7
  3. Blazer from Torrid. $20
  4. Dress from $11.80
  5. Leggings from Rainbow. $7
  6. Boots from $26