Bloggerspiration: La Pecosa Presciosa.

by Jamila Pierre

The Precious Freckled Face.

I first stumbled upon Sandra Negron's blog in February of last year when I first launched my very own blog, and I have to say I was digging her look. Like her, and all of the other "BLOGGERSPIRATIONS" I'll be doing inspired by,  they were chosen because there are pieces of either their personality or style that I can identify with. 

In the case of Sandra, it's her fearlessness when it comes to color, prints, layer, you name it. She is not a stranger to mixing it up and experimenting, and that's something I can respect. She most definitely has a style that's her own. (Images of Sandra from her blog

Look, not everything/every outfit, has to be about clean chic lines and has to have a whole "less is more" approach. Though I do appreciate all of that and the story it tells about the woman who chose to wear it like that, I fully understand the urge to slap someone in the face with with a more robust style approach. In all honesty I''m no stranger to that because that is a big part of who I am.

So whatever Sandra is serving, whether or not you get it or not, I for one can dig it.


So I decided to create a look inspired by a few of her looks.  Take a look at her images above and see if you can tell what inspiration I've pulled.


What i'm Wearing:

  1. Jacket from $34.80
  2. Chambray Top from $20
  3. Necklace from Danice. $5
  4. Pants from $24.97(Half off)
  5. Boots from $15 (from $42)