Not Just Black.

by Jamila Pierre

I do have a tendency to adorn myself in either vibrant colors, or deep earth tones, but trust me black is in the arsenal as well. I love the idea of black, this absence of color can be quite intriguing, and so can trying to find ways of not having a one dimensional outfit. 

Don't let black fool you, as effortless as it'd like to make you think it is, if you're looking to add interest to your may find it isn't as effortless as you think...unless black is all you own. 

So, when looking for black pieces, I tend to steer away from basic pieces because I don't ever want what I wear to be silent...EVER!

That's just me, you may find that you and I are nothing alike, and that basics are more you stylo.

In any event, I found these black pant from (that I've worn in another post) during a time when I was desperately looking for a pair of black jean that weren't "flat", they'll probably be my go to black jeans from now until forever.


It's all in the details!


Several months later, in my search for interesting sweaters/sweatshirts to buy for the turn of the season, I found a black sweatshirt from Forever21 and just knew right then , I needed it in my life. 

Though I loved it, and will inevitably wear it the way it was intended to be worn, I couldn't help but turn this baby around and rock it like that. 

I couldn't help myself!

And of course, I couldn't let an outfit go by with out throwing in some type of color pop, hence the blue kitten heels from Nine West. 

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Jewlery from and assortment of places. $2- $5
  2. Sweatshirt from $22.80
  3. Jeans from $19.99
  4. Blue Kitten Heels from $29.99