Casual Florals

by Jamila Pierre

Imagine my surprise and delight when H&M decided to carry a garment that was big enough for my 300 pounds of sassy (FINALLY!!!). I must admit I have a slight addiction to crew-neck sweatshirts that have a little spunk to it, so when I saw this dress in the large and it looked like it might actually fit, I nearly died. Then I discovered upon looking at the tag that it did come in and extralarge....AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

For those who know about H&M's non-extra-large-sized garments (In-store), you know that this was monumentous. Unfortunately, this dress was just randomly thrown on a rack as if it were the only one of its kind, this briefly made me sad... the thought that I would never find the XL. 

Once I was done having a monologue with the whole "woe is me" and all, I decided to still try and look for it (I can be super dramatic when it comes to clothes...and other things). I only took but two steps further into the store and there it was, a rack filled to the brim with this dress.

I found the XL, did a happy dance, and went to go find my shopping partner in crime.


I am just so in love with this dress!

It's the perfect combination of the triple C's (comfy, casual, and cute). It has just enough flare and fun to it while still being very easy going, PERFECT!

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Necklace from Forever21. $11.80
  2. Dress from H&M. $34.95
  3. Kitten heels from $29.99