Miami Vice.

by Jamila Pierre

It totally wasn't my intention to give "Miami Vice Realness" with this outfit, but....these things just happen. 

I had been on a hunt for an all white blazer since January, I typically have a problem with white clothing because of the fact that white clothing dons a huge bullseye for stains....not to mention my foundation just so happens to make its way onto the white clothes. Bane!

But I have to say, through all that reality, I still wanted a white was a risk I was finally ready to make. And like always, Target had what I needed. 

A few months later as I perused, I came across these most magnificent pair of floral-print trousers. Now, I'm not one to just buy one thing online...nobody has time for the cost of shipping and handling for just one item, so I went on a search for a nice button-down to go with these delightful pants. 

Once I had the top and bottom in my possession, I realized that the perfect topper would be the white blazer I had gotten a few months prior. 

After the hubz shot this outfit, and I got a chance to look at it post-production, I lol'd at the fact that I was looking like a modern day Miami vice cast member. 

  1. Blazer from $34.99
  2. Button-Down from $21.99
  3. Trousers from $29.99
  4. Kitten heels from $29.99
  5. Bracelet from Forever21. $4.80