The Understated Patriot.

by Jamila Pierre

 Last year, July 4th, I put together the most comfy/casual look imaginable, with my own idea of symbolism behind it...I had to explain it to the patrons, but they got it.

This year I may very well go a little more literal with the color scheme, but still maintaining some subtlety. You will not see me rocking a's the dopes flag I've ever seen, in which case never say never.

And though I love this outfit, I will be honest, I may or may not wear this top due to the inevitable condiment mess that will take place on my crisp white button-down.

I may in fact keep the whole look and swap the top for my grenade Tee...I wore it last year for the fourth  and I'm not above wearing it again this year.


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Top from $17
  2. Pants from $24.80
  3. Kitten Heels from $29.99
  4. Necklace from I can't remember where.