by Jamila Pierre

Erica Walcott does it again!

All I've wanted for some time was a retro pleated and flared skirt in a bright color. This ladies and gentlemen, is a dream realized. 

One of my  favorite colors of all time is none other than fuchsia. This color is seen in sprinkles on both my blog and photography website because it embodies femininity without being prissy. I like prissy sometimes, don't get me wrong, but there's something very "woman" about this pink while still being fun, youthful, and girly, and I prefer that.

The cut of this skirt is perfect for those who want to accentuate their feminine figure while hiding the parts that they aren't the most keen on. In this skirt I can be a demure damsel, and  eat like a truck driver while hiding the evidence all at the same time. 

This = awesome!


What better way to bring out the pink in this skirt, than to pair it with an obnoxiously bright neon lemon color? I find that pink has undoubtedly become a neutral...if you ask me.

I paired it with one of my most recent purchases showcased in my last YouTube video. 

This cardigan WILL be worn in excess from here on out.

Let us also take a moment to appreciate that the skirt has pocket!

This is perfect for a modern girl on the move who has no time for a purse, this skirt WILL also be worn in excess, with a multitude of tops. 

Fuchsia is the new black BISH!


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Necklace from AFAZE. $ 3 for $10
  2. Cardigan from Target. $11.98
  3. Cami from Old Navy. $7
  4. Skirt custom made by designer Erica Walcott NY.  (valued at $100)
  5. Kitten Heels from NineWest. $29.99
  6. Bracelet from a street fair. $2