Garden Variety.

by Jamila Pierre

Eeheeeermmmm *Clears Throat*

This button down is a prime example of my ultimate favorite combination, a neutral base color with an obnoxiously bright pattern splattered all over it.

Eeheeermmmm *Clears Throat Again*

This Skirt is a prime example of what I like to call a "Life Skirt", when my friends and I add the word life to the beginning of anything, it just means that that one item is the source of all that is life...not to sound "hipster-ish"...but we started using "LIFE" waaaaayyyyyyy before it became immortalized on social media...just sayin'.


This skirt is undoubtedly a skirt, that if anything were to happen to it, my life would be over. It is just so throw on and go, so comfortable, so easy, so something that embodies all the elements I need in a garment.

So I took my life skirt, paired it with my other ultimate favorite, threw on my handy dandy kitten heels, and the newest member of my accessory family...this ridiculously gaudy necklace from AFAZE. 

And don't you just love when your nails tie everything in unexpectedly?

What i'm Wearing:

  1. Necklace from AFAZE, part of a 3 for $10 deal.
  2. Top from $24.99
  3. Skirt from Conway. $5
  4. Bracelets from Fashion To Figure. $12
  5. Heels from NineWest. $29.99