by Jamila Pierre

My love affair with this damn jacket continues, I just don't think you fully understand how much this jacket speaks to me. This is now the third installment of said jacket and I gotta say....I don't see myself getting tired of it any time time soon. 

In my first outfit I wore the jacket closed and belted as a top with a skirt, in my second outfit I wore it open with leggings and a plain long-sleeve; both outfits were void of print and color with the exception of the jacket. In this third look I decided to mix prints, so I paired the jacket with this  black and grey (textured) leopard-print dress. 

If you've been reading my blog for a while then you are well aware of my affinity for mixing prints, there's something so off-putting yet absolutely magical and logical about it all at the same time that makes it just work. And honestly, this particular mixture of prints is pretty bad-ass. 

The Concept of leopard and plaid/tartan isn't new, in fact I see it classically done with your basic warm-toned color palette and leopard mixed with varying plaid prints and coloring; but rarely have I seen a mixture like I've done here. The print of this dress is like a non- leopard type of leopard and its cool toned...I don't know seemed like a new approach to me....

In any event, like always, I'm over the moon over this FIT! Let me know what you think about this look down below, how you feel about leopard and plaid, or how you feel about mixing prints in general.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Necklace from Afaze. 3 for $10 (Sale)
  2. Jacket from $36 (Sale)
  3. Dress from H& $25 (on sale)
  4. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  5. Kitten heels from Marshalls. $29.99