by Jamila Pierre


So last week it was  toss up between which outfit post I was going to put up first, the #VelvetySchoolGirlRealness obviously won (I just could't wait to share that skirt, or the look). 

This week we have the runner up, it's another take on a casual outfit for me. Usually my casual outfits rest upon some type of jean bottoms, a unique Tee, my boots of life, and some casual (but still awesome sauce AF) outerwear...depending how chillis Willis it is outside. As much as I love my pantalones, I LOVE dresses & I do dress a dress  somewhat down...often.

Just when I was thinking about posting this look, a fellow foxy babe (Fatshionpeepshow) posted hers and I was like, "HOLY SKULLS & LEATHER, BATMAN!!!" #LikeMinds #Twinning

I got this dress in the summer time during one of Torrid's Haute cash sales, and I took my ass right into the store in my neighborhood to see what they had to offer because to be honest....lately (more like at the time) they hadn't done good things for me in a hot minute. I immediately found a slew of dress with a skull and floral print all over them, varying in color and pattern size of course. This was the only one that I kept going back to after trying them all on, the color was the best, the pattern was IT, and it helped that my hat (as pictured) went with it. 


The only down side was that it was a bit too big on me but not noticeable enough to make a negative impact on my look. The material is soft and cool to the touch, and it literally flows in the wind (it's as if this piece was begging on it's knees for anchor pieces). 

I threw on this fast fave, leather jacket from the AVA & VIV line at Target, and my handy dandy studded belt (to break up the print of course), my clickity clack when I walk (boss AF) life boots, and the hat that sealed the deal on me purchasing the dress to begin with. 

I gotta admit I'm a sucker for juxtopsition, so mixing hard and soft, pairing things down, or even wearing sequins so shiny that spaceships can see you...just so you can go to the grocery store at nine in the morning. I love the unexpected, I love mixing things that you wouldn't think would pair well, I love the idea of a flouncy dress worn with a leather jacket a studded belt, and a biker boot.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Hat was gifted man moons ago.
  2. Necklace from the wholesale district in NYC. $3.50
  3. Leather jacket from $37 (On sale from $)
  4. Dress from Torrid. $25.98 (On sale from $)
  5. Belt from V.I.M. $7 (Similar HERE)
  6. Boots from Charlotterusse. $15 (On sale from $45)