Sickening In Suede.

by Jamila Pierre

Let's just take a moment to appreciate this style moment in grayscale...

Ladies and gentlemen, this dress...this BAD MA'MA JAMMA! 

Now let me just tell you, this dress clings like you would not wear the proper undergarments, and if you gotz some thickems/ junk in the mindful of the ever so slight ride up. I know that sounds like reasons to not get the dress and if those things are deal breakers then so be it, but this is why I love it regardless:

  • First, it has pockets. Am I the only one who goes ape shit over a dress with pockets...? I feel like this should be standard form.
  • Second, The material is quite luxe despite whatever formed opinions you may have about in upon first search and purchase, the dress is overall well made. It sits pretty nicely on my body regardless of the "clingability" (yup, I made up yet another word...cuz that's what I do). 
  • Third, the rise of the neckline....*SWOON*, I can't tell you how thrilled I am that necklines in garments are on the rise (I'll get into why in another post).
  • Fourth, I've been on the hunt for a nude dress that didn't make me look naked and this my fellow babes is it (although, with thichkems syndrome it could come off as more of a tunic, but I'm also OK with that). SIDE NOTE: I will be on look look out for a blush toned dress next.

When I first saw this dress I knew I had to get it and I had to get it fast; not just because it was divine but once people knew of it's would sell out and that would be that. Thankfully after a few weeks  it's now back in stock, who knows for how long. 

The day I received it in the mail: When I tried it on it was smooth to the touch and hugged every curve....I mean every lump and bump. I mean, I love my lumps (**Cues "My Hump, by Fergie**) but when you're going for a clean sleek look....

And before I'm bombarded by the parade of any naysayers, I am all about self love and no fucks given, but I am a photographer and an things usually have to fit within a picture or a style-story I'm telling. When I wear  certain things, when I pose for a picture, when I edit a photo, when I "tell a story", there is a look I'm going for. On this day...lumps and bumps was not it. Lumps and bumps most all other days...just not this day (oh the joys of concealing undergarments). 

I first decided I was going to pair it like I did in the look with the floppy hat, but I came across another recent purchase from JCPenny; this tealy turquoise button front with black specks all over it. A light bulb literally lit up above my crown of locs. I love the idea of collared shirts being used as an alternative to a blazer/ cardigan/ jacket, so that's precisely what I did. I threw on some copper and bronze jewels to play up some color theory in my outfit, slide on a pair of nude minimal wedges (a Bish looks barefoot), and I borrowed my home skillet's  teal framed shades. Boom Shakalaka.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Sunnies borrowed from my main Bish, Betty Black.
  2. Necklace from the Wholesale district. $5
  3. Collared shirt from $19 (On sale)
  4. Dress from $27.90
  5. Bracelet from a boutique in SoHo (circa man many moons ago). $5
  6. Shoes from $11 (On major sale) (Similar style)

As for this next look? Hunny.....this is like fall incarnate, like....

If you've been following me and my blog for a while then it should come as no surprise that THIS. JACKET. IS. LIFE, I'm obsessed with it, and it's the best purchase of my life....welllll....I say this a lot, but it definitely is on my list of top 10...OK top 20 (what can I say I love a lot of things). I decided to pair it with the dress because the dress  needed an extra punch and because it wouldn't be me if "more wasn't more".  I then added a slew of berry colors in almost a gradient and made sure all of the colors wove into one another in this look, which is kind of treading in the opposite direction of the look above this one.

This hat is to be glorified as well, it took me forever and a day to find a hat that would fit my domeious maximus, especially with all of this hair. All in all, I WILL be playing this look OUT, lol...right into the even cooler months too. 


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Hat from $22.90 (Similar)
  2. Sunnies from Torrid. $7 (On sale)  (Similar shape, Similar print)
  3. Necklace from a street fair in SoHo. $6
  4. Anorak jacket, w/sequin sleeves, from $15 (Black Friday sale last year)
  5. Dress from $27.90
  6. Bracelets from Fashiontofigure. $12
  7. Rings from Wholesale district. $2
  8. Boots from $33.60 (On sale)