by Jamila Pierre

Upon one of my many "burning the midnight oil" online search extravaganzas, I came across a unique custom clothing brand, TEYXO. I was immediately drawn into her use of fabrics and silhouettes (as I sat there looking through all of her pages imagining how her pieces would work for me in my everyday life).

By the time I was done with the fashion montage that was swirling through my brain, I knew I wanted to let my readers and supporters know who the designer of TEYXO (Lara Roxana Popa) was, and where they could get her fun, spirited, and cool designs from. 

I didn't just want to tell everyone through an Instagram post about how excellent and unique TEYXO was, and what enormous potential the brand possessed (inserts a photo of a dress); I wanted to introduce the readers to the designer and the brand....so an interview ensued {HERE}. 

During the time frame of discovery, contact, conversing, collecting information, developing a relationship, etc..., I became somewhat invested in the potential of this ever growing brand. She only  launched TEYXO in 2014, but if she keeps going in the direction she's going and continues to be playful in her design approach (providing us with a less stuffy aesthetic, to which we're all more accustom to),  she will definitely make a notable name for herself very soon. 

What I love about her designs most, aside from the undeniable flare, is the fact that you can make slight adjustments to each piece you order. Listen, I'm all about retail shopping (online/retail shopper's anonymous, in the hizz-ouse), but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that the idea/actuality of having something custom made or fitted has been spoiling. 

Teyxo plus size coat

 The designer of TEYXO, Lara Roxana Popa, allowed me to pick a few pieces from her line to review, within the few pieces I picked was this Asymmetrical Flared Wool Coat, the coat literally screamed my name....SCREAMED! From the color choice to the textural dimension, to the visual darting at the waist and bust-line (which I'm loving because I'm curvy but I'm not that curvy and could use all the help I can get), to the way it slightly puffs out in the back (giving me a little more booty than I actually have...EXCELLENTE!). 

The pieces are well made, the designs are fun and flirty, eclectic, chic and daring, and sometimes just altogether abstract. These are all things (if you're anything like me) you'll appreciate.

In this look I decided to pull inspo from the coat and go monochrome, and instead of getting crazy with the colors (despite the splash of the succulent red), I added additional interest by intertwining another black & white print in the mix.


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Asymmetrical Houndstooth Coat from TEYXO.com $155
  2.  Hat was handmade and gifted. (Free dollars, Free cents)
  3. Scarf from Telco. $7
  4. Bag from Rainbow. $25
  5. Sweater from Target.com. $29.99
  6. Tuxedo Leggings from Forever21.com. $19.90
  7. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  8. Boots from Avenue.com. $33.60 (On Sale)