by Jamila Pierre

Before we get into this outfit and how much it rocks my sock, let's touch upon this lippy. Aside from the name of the product that I love (Vindictive, which is a word I find to be supremely relevant for reasons I won't discuss in this post), the color is absolutely fabuloso! 

I may be particular about which "hybrid" types of shades I like to rock on my lips, but rest assured I like my lips to make unexpected statements just as much as anything else I wear.

I love the classics  like reds,  pinks, and plums...but I find certain shades of those more appealing than others. And honestly  the idea of "out of the box colors/tones" like: Grey, Blue, Black, & Emerald (just to name a few) are even better, when done right they can easily become less "out-of-box" and more of a staple. 

This LA Splash Cosmetics Lip Couture Lip Paint in most certainty a staple, this color is the knees of the bees.

(I will be reviewing these lip products soon with all the pros & cons, so stay tuned.)


In light of the warmer weather creeping in ever so slowly I decided to bare a little leg and bring out my tried and true color fav. 

Chartreuse is just one of those colors that will never in a  million years go out of style for me. It's funny because it doesn't exactly compliment skin tones that aren't super tanned (olive)  or dark, but I couldn't really give a damn. I am in love/ lust, head over heels for this color, and have been since forever. It's the ultimate in neutrals even though it is the most evident pop of color, and I am a fan of colors that can do that all at once. 

I paired the top with my faux leather envelope skirt, my life-boots, this most awesome handmade crocheted scarf from my main BISH Amy (BettyBlack.Info), and a pineapple ponytail (which I will be rocking this spring to the point of nauseam).  

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What I'm Wearing:

  1. Scarf handmade and gifted by ($Free Dollars)
  2. Top from $12
  3. Skirt from $22.80
  4. Boots from $15 (On Sale from $45)