by Jamila Pierre

"That moment when you're Low-key/Hi-key channeling the love child of a Greek Goddess & Ursula the Sea Witch, yea...we're having one of those moments." -Jamila Pierre

Honestly when I first tried this piece on (sans accessories, sans pulled together look), the first thing that came to mind was, where are Flotsam & Jetsam?**Cues "Poor Unfortunate Souls"**  

I held my hair up in a mock bun and glanced over at my necklace (handmade by me), I realized that I was crossing over into Greek mythology territory (dare I say Medusa). I equally love and hate Medusa's  story, but I wont go into all the reasons as to why in this post. 

I was super excited, I knew exactly how I wanted to pair it. This Tunic/ dress/sassy, made my ass look fabulous, and the quality was above and beyond. I contacted the designer ASAP to let her know that she needs way more notoriety than she currently has. 

Lara Popa, of TEYXO, did it again! 

She contacted me and told me that she wanted to send me a piece of my choosing as a gift; just because she felt that I'd been so kind, she enjoyed working with me, and she appreciated all I'd done for her thus far. What she doesn't understand is that she deserved every bit of it. 

She's been nothing but awesome to work with, she's sweet and generous, understanding, and accommodating; not to mention her designs are tremendously unique. 

When she told me to select a piece, honestly, it was extremely difficult to choose...but it finally came down to this supreme number right here. 

It originally came as a cap-sleeve...I don't really gets down with all that, so I simply asked her if I could get a 3/4 sleeve added and in if it could be in a contrasting leatherette (or just a wet "leather-look")  type of material. Lara was happy to oblige and actually thought it was a great idea. 


I wanted it to be several different textures in one so that it wasn't just your average black frock, I also asked to make sure that the material used for the sleeves was pliable because my arms are HBIC's, they take up the all spaces and make entrances...sooooo...yea. Lastly, since it's so hard to get things with my preferred sleeve length I figured now was a good a time as any (plus it makes for a seamless seasonal transition piece).

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Necklace handmade by me.
  2. Tunic from TEYXO. $75 (Gifted by designer)
  3. High-waisted bikini bottoms from Forever21. $15.90 (But It was on sale for another price)
  4. Moto Jeans from Target. $34 (Gifted)
  5. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  6. Ring of spiky death from the wholesale district. $2
  7. Shoes from $11 (On Sale)