The Iron Fist

by Jamila Pierre

"Things like skulls, camo, and leopard print...are neutrals as far as I'm concerned. You can also add spikes, studs, and all such things to the list  that I find to be staples/standard. These things are comfort-zone for me...these things make sense; if they weren't in my wardrobe I'd feel naked." -Jamila Pierre

First let's start off by thanking the sun gods for casting shadows on my face for these photos.... now we may move on.

Let me tell you about Ironfist clothing, I am head over heels for them (have been for a very long time) and I want pretty much everything they make. wellllllll....not everything (if you don't remember me stating in a post not far off from this one, not all skull/leopard/edgy things are created equal), but most everything they produce is primo. The one collection that has me going crazy (and has for a very, VERY, long time), is the "Loose Tooth Collection". 


I just love how it's an X-ray of a skull and has the missing teeth, it's just as imperfect and equally perfect as I am. Then if you're anything like me... you start making up stories as to how the teeth were lost. I like to think the skull belonged to a thrill seeker, or someone who was scrappy like me (maybe a member of a particular club to which we do not mention). The idea of this makes me smile even more so.

In any event, I freakin' love this brand and this print specifically, and have been dying to get my hands on just one piece to don in my wardrobe (memories of the time I wanted some loose tooth oxfords and snoozed on them bad boys...and lost out on that opportunity...I'll never forget...I'll always want them and think about them, I'll never lose hope in finally having them), so when Hottopic had this tank on sale................HUNNY!!!!!! has this in both the sexes, but I purchased mine in the men's section, in an XL (it fits like Le Dream

I've worn this tank a few times and it will be up on this blog many-a-time, trust! But, this time I decided that I wanted to be a little over the top by pairing it with a multi-way striped  skirt, and this waterfall blazer with grommets all up and down the trim. 


To be honest the skull face kinda looks like that of a gorilla's...(yes. no?), either way I loves it. I also made the decision... a high pineapple ponytail, cat-eyed sunnies, and my minimal wedge sandals it is.

I also paired it with my most obvi fave bracelet, a statement necklace, and this nifty spiked ring that I dubbed the "spiky ring of death"; it acts as a style statement while providing you with the tools you need to #ProtectYourNeck...PERFECT! 


What I'm Wearing:

  1. Cat-eyed sunnies from Buffalo Exchange $9 (???)
  2. Waterfall blazer from Burlington Coat Factory. $19.99 (On sale, circa 2yrs ago)
  3. Necklace from AFAZE. (3 for $10 Sale)
  4. Iron fist tank top from $16 (Sale)
  5. Bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory. $7
  6. Spiky ring of death from Wholesale District. $2 (fave thing EVAR, and acts as a finger "BrassKnuck")
  7. Skirt from $26.99 (Got  it on sale for $19 weeks ago, currently on sale for $18.99 again!)
  8. Shoes from $11 (Sale)